Geolink Satellite Services has provided all facilities to France Inter for studio relocation in Brazzaville (Congo) and Live Audio broadcast


During the Book and Film Festival "Etonnants Voyageurs" in Brazzaville (Congo), Geolink has provided Radio France with a VSAT solution (C Band) and all facilities to relocate France Inter Parisian Studio in Brazzaville Congress Center.

Geolink and Radio France major challenges were: guaranteeing Audio Broadcast quality during Live transmission over IP (vs ISDN) and providing France Inter technicians and journalists all the conveniences of a studio based in Paris (internet access, files transfers up & down…).

Supported locally by a valuable partners’ network and distant, by the CETel / Geolink state of art teleport and 24/7 NOC, Geolink fully complied to Radio France requirements and expectations in terms of support and services for this event.