Terrestrial Networks

Geolink Satellite Services infrastructure comprises a network of teleports and points of presence (PoPs), connecting satellite terminals to terrestrial networks for enhanced communications worldwide.


  • State-of-the-art teleport facilities
  • 24/7 Network Operating Centers (English, French, German, Russian)
  • Satellite coverage in C, Ku, Ka and L band
  • Worldwide network of technical integrators
  • Network of PoPs across the world
  • Local Internet Registry (LIR) and own Autonomous System (AS39151)

Partners Teleports

  • Netherlands
  • Hong-Kong
  • USA

Advanced Technologies

  • iDirect Hub certified operator, Comtech, Romantis UHP
  • QoS Equipments (Quality of Service)
  • Secure and accelerated network (Firewall, VPN, WAN Accelerator)
  • Terrestrial MPLS infrastructure
  • Monitoring tool