Beam RST 100

Beam RST100 designed to be used in fixed site, maritime and emergency service applications offers a robust design with the intelligent technology to support RJ11 / POTS, voice and data services over the Iridium satellite network.

The Beam RST100A is a highly featured satellite communications terminal providing intelligent RJ11/POTS/PBX voice, data and messaging services. The terminal uses Iridium worldwide satellite service and is capable of presenting Dial, Busy and Ring tones to suit country specific requirements as well as auto-dial or restricted dial functionality. The terminal also supports the use of standard phone equipment making it ideal for all In-building and maritime applications.

Voice and data

Pole-to-pole Iridium coverage

Robust design (Fully Certified corrosion / vibration)

Inteligent handset and analog phone (RJ11) Support PABX

Voice mail box and SMS text message


27.7 cm


22.5 cm


5.3 cm


2.5 kg


1x RJ-45 for the Handset, 2x RJ-11, 1x RS-232 for data and 1x RS-232 for Log

Power Requirements:

AC (90 - 250 V), DC (11 - 32 V, 2.5A)

Data speed:

Up to 12 Kbps