ClipWay is the universal audio & video transmission tool: only software, scalable, IP compliant, easy to set up and use. ClipWay solutions optimize work time by allowing mobile workers, journalists, mainteners to transmit audio and video reports from the field in real time.

ClipWay is a software solution that optimizes and transfers lives and pre-recorded media files. With three main functions (capture, compression and transmission) the software application is easy to use and requires no technical expertise. ClipWay exists in three versions: Media ClipWay, Challenges and ClipWayRadio.

  • DV (IEEE 1394) or Analog Input (USB device)
Import :
  • Files: *.mxf, *.dv, *.avi, *.mp4, ...
  • Formats: DV, 720p, 1080i, 1080p
Files compression:
  • 10 adaptable presets from 1 to 10Mbps
  • Progressive or interleaved frames
  • Windows Media 9 AVC1 Codec
  • Video resolution: D1, HD1, 2CIF, CIF
  • Aspect ratio: 4/3, 16/9
  • Frame rate: 15, 20, 25, 30 fps
  • Video & Audio latency <10 frames
  • Audio duplex (IFB)
Video standard:
  • PAL or NTSC
File & Live transmission:
  • link aggregation up to 4 different connections
  • Specially optimized with automatic reconnection
  • BGAN terminal entirely remote controlled
  • Links: SAT, DSL, 3G, 4G, USB, ...
File reception:
  • up to 8 remote sites simultaneously
  • Automatic real time backup
  • Automatic notification sent by mail
Live reception:
  • Video & Audio, SDI or PC, play out
  • IFB channel Input (SDI or PC)
Video standard:
  • PAL or NTSC