Iridium Pilot

The Pilot designed to operate in extreme maritime weather conditions provides broadband Internet data and voice services anywhere on the globe based on the Iridium global mobile communication network.

The Pilot is the next generation of maritime broadband terminal from Iridium Communications. Utilizing Iridium's truly global network, the Pilot is the best choice for any ships which will be sailing near Polar Regions. With a fixed, electronically-steered antenna, the Pilot can maintain connection in rough seas while providing broadband connectivity and up to three independent phone lines. With all the capabilities of the original OpenPort device and more, the Iridium Pilot is the next generation of global maritime communications. Demonstrating Iridium's dedication to excellence and providing the best communications equipment the Iridium Pilot offers a cost effective, global, easy to use broadband service. Whether it is helping crew morale, downloading charts and weather reports, or ship-to-shore communication the Iridium Pilot delivers.

Pole-to-pole global coverage

High speed data up to 134 kbps

3 independent analog voice lines

easy to install

5 year limited warranty

Antenna Diameter:

57 cm

Antenna Height:

20 cm

Antenna Weight:

12.5 kg

BDE Length :

25 cm

BDE Width:

19 cm

BDE Height:

5.5 cm

BDE Weight:

1.35 kg

BDE Interfaces:

3x RJ-11 for voice, 1x RJ-45 for data

Power Requirements:

AC (100 - 240 V), DC (24 V, 4.2A max)

Data Speed:

From 9.6 Kbps up to 128 Kbps