Hughes 9201

The Hughes 9201 is a small, rugged and intuitive terminal delivering voice and high speed data on Inmarsat’s BGAN global communications service.

The HNS 9201 combines ultimate performance with an extremely rugged design. It provides access to the highest bandwidth available on the BGAN network, as well as WLAN connectivity. It is ideal for either single users using bandwidth-hungry applications, such as live video, or for small teams that need to set up a temporary office with high-speed connectivity to standard data applications.

Simultaneous voice and data communication

Standard IP services up to 492 kbps

Streaming IP up to 384k "X-stream service".

ISDN port 64 kbps service

WLAN access point


27.5 cm


34.5 cm


5 cm


2.8 kg - including battery


1x RJ-45, 1x USB, 1x ISDN and WLAN

Standby Time:

Up to 36 hours

Data Speed:

Up to 492 Kbps shared data rate and 450 Kbps streaming IP