Hughes 9450-C11

The Hughes 9450 is the world smallest on the move terminal delivering voice and high speed data on Inmarsat’s BGAN global communications service.

The new Hughes 9450 Class 11 BGAN terminal provides a solution for mounting a BGAN terminal on a moving vehicle. This system provides Internet and Voice access. It support POTS and ISDN voice handsets. Max speed is 400+ kbps. 128 kbps streaming. A WIFI tranceiver is built-in to the terminal. No antenna pointing is required.

Simultaneous voice and data communication

Standard IP services up to 464 kbps "on-the-move"

Streaming IP services up to 128 kbps

4 LAN ports with Power over Ethernet(PoE)

ISDN port 64 kbps service

2 phone/fax ports

Antenna Diameter:

25.2 cm

Antenna Height:

11.9 cm

Antenna Weight:

2 kg

Terminal Length:

28.1 cm

Terminal Width:

23.4 cm

Terminal Height:

4.6 cm

Terminal Weight:

2.3 kg

Terminal Interfaces:

2x RJ-11, 4x RJ-45 PoE, 1x ISDN

Power Requirements:

12 Volt or 24 Volt

Data Speed:

Up to 464 Kbps shared data rate and 450 Kbps streaming IP